ASEAN Aviation Training and Education Summit 2013

AATES 2013 will be the 1st ASEAN level summit hosted in Jakarta which would focus on the human resource shortages in the civil aviation industry. This event is jointly hosted by the Indonesian Ministry of Transportation and JAA TO and supported by ICAO. 


  • Consensus for AATES 2013: Developing a framework for closer co-operation between ASEAN countries to maximize the use of existing resources.
  • Sharing information on Indonesia’s aviation community.
  • Providing a regional platform for exchange of ideas and perspectives on human resources shortages in civil aviation, and also sharing best practices in training and education initiatives within the ASEAN region.
  • Understanding remedies and current initiatives by key aviation training organizations and civil aviation authorities within the ASEAN region.
  • Understanding the key roles of international aviation bodies such as the JAA TO, ECAC, and ICAO in supporting the development of HR, training & education within ASEAN.
  • Developing awareness on current challenges and opportunities in aviation training and education within the ASEAN region.
  • Establishing effective communication links at the ASEAN level in the field of aviation training & education for aviation regulators, instructors, pilots, aircraft technicians, air traffic controllers, airport managers and ground handlers.
  • Exploring the views of future aviation professionals within the ASEAN region

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